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Love’s Greatest Painting


Imagine that YOU are Love’s greatest painting.
Will you treat yourself like a cheap poster?
Will you rent yourself out to the highest bidder?
Will you try to change or destroy yourself because someone doesn’t like or understand you?
Will you hire someone to make you over so that people will like you?
Will you put yourself in a small, hand-me-down frame that doesn’t fit…or will you treat yourself like the priceless art that you are and wear the most beautiful frame?
Will you hang in the background where you can’t be seen…or will you hang on the best wall of the finest gallery?

It really is your decision.

When we treat ourselves like the treasure that we are, we teach others how to see and be with us.  Today is a perfect day for you to treat yourself like the priceless love treasure that you are.
Allow others to see and love you…allow yourself to love.

Remember always, the treasure that you are.

~Rev. Dr. Bob Luckin~