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Coming out of the Closet!

Spiritual journey

I’ve decided to come out of the Spiritual closet.  In my past, I tried different religions: Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ, and am now a member of Mile Hi Church, which is a nondenominational Center for Spiritual Living, practicing the “Science of Mind and Spirit”.  I grew up with Catholic friends, have friends of many different religions, and some who are atheists.  In all of the religions which I have either been a part of or had the opportunity to experience while visiting with friends, I have observed that they all have one central thing in common: God/The Universe/Universal Life Source/Great Spirit or whatever you feel comfortable calling it or not calling it.  I believe in this Higher Power.  I believe that we are all connected, here to spread love and light, and to evolve as spiritual beings in whatever way works for us. Do I feel that my way and my spirituality, or lack of organized religion, is the only way and the only right way? Absolutely not!  I believe we are all on our own path, and that looks different for most of us.  I am far from perfect and have made many mistakes in my life.  Mistakes that have been great teachers to help me become a better version of myself.

In coming out of the spiritual closet, I have decided to use the teachings that I have studied, some for years, to start my spiritual business.  I am working at Into the Mystic Healing and Arts in Golden, Colorado on Tuesdays and am opening my spiritual healing services to the public.  I have practiced these healing modalities on family and friends and am finally taking it a step further.  I asked myself this question: “If I look back at my life when I’m older, would I regret not taking the opportunity to do what I really love (which it to help people heal on a soul level) and to be who I really am for fear of what others may think or say?”  My answer to myself was, “YES!”  I am now offering healing services either through my website or at Into the Mystic Healing and Arts on Tuesdays, in person, in Golden, Colorado.  All of my services are done with love and light and with the intention to help you heal.  The healing work that I do is all God/Universally centered.  I look forward to helping you heal!

I will share the mission of Mile Hi Church.  This sums up my intent for offering these healing services:  To serve as a spiritual beacon for personal empowerment and global enlightenment.