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One hard and true lesson is on acceptance.  There have been lessons in my life where I had to accept something that I did not want to accept. For example, someone that I love showed me his true colors and I did not want to accept who he was or what he had done.  I wanted to continue to see him the way that I thought he should be and to control the way I wanted him to be.  In other words, I was seeing him and the situation through rose colored glasses while trying to control the outcome. When I finally did my own self-reflecting, I saw the person and situation for what it was and had to accept it.  This was a very bitter pill to swallow, but once I got real with myself I was able to move forward by accepting things for what they were.

Acceptance can also look like this; I met with a lifelong friend and instead of our conversation going where I thought it might, we ended up talking about our life purposes and what my business card would look like.  I was so intrigued by our conversation and the fact that it came out of left field that when I returned home I ordered my business cards.  The synchronistic part is the day after I received my business cards another friend called and told me she thought of me when she heard that a metaphysical healing arts store was looking for help doing exactly what I have been doing for years and finally had the courage to put on my business card.  I accepted this as a gift from God/the Universe.  It was up to me to move forward with this new journey.   I also put out to the Universe to help me find the right person to help me organize and write a book that I have had inside of me for years.  I prayed about it and released the outcome and within no more than two weeks I was sitting in a free sample writing class taught by a New York Times best selling author!  I am now in her small writer’s group, writing at her house and getting pointers from this awesome author who lives less than ten minutes from me.  I accepted where I have been in life, where I wanted to be, and let God take over.  I couldn’t have planned it better.

Accept that things are going in the right direction even if we can not see where we are headed.  Be able to trust and accept that you are right where you are supposed to be in the moment.  This form of acceptance can be really hard to be at peace with but if we accept what is, have trust and faith in the Universe, and surrender it completely to God, we will end up right where we are meant to be.  The Serenity prayer is helpful to me when working through acceptance and I have leaned on it many times to help me accept the things I can not change, nor that I should try to change:  God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Is there anything you are having a hard time accepting?

“Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” ~ unknown