Monthly Archives: November 2017


Self-Mastery…what is it?
Knowing your true Self

Knowing God within and through you
Knowing you are already free
Knowing you are whole just as you are right now
Knowing you are a worthy, esteemed child of God
Knowing God is your Source
Knowing you deserve healthy relationships
Knowing that death is just another transition on your eternal journey
Knowing that you have a purpose if you are on this Earth
Knowing NOW is the only time you really have
Knowing the power of faith and commitment will see you through your darkest days
Knowing that you are really just remembering who you truly are: beautiful, whole, safe, loved, worthy, cherished, respected, never alone, cared for deeply, a beautiful soul here to love and be loved, help and be helped, to shine your love and light so brightly that it helps others remember who they truly are. And when it’s time to transition on to your next journey, you remember what you knew all along in this thing called life.

~ Dixie ~